Mar 24

Learning Activities

Dear Parents,

I sincerely hope you and your children are staying safe. We have been advised that schools will remain closed until after the Easter holidays.

I hope some of the learning activities listed below can help to support your child’s learning for the duration of the school closure.

We understand that this is a very difficult time for everyone. We are not expecting the children to complete all of the work listed below. We are simply providing the resources to support the children who wish to continue their learning at home.

Please feel free to email me if you require further support –

Kind regards,



Learning activities for Junior Infant children

Junior Infants –Ms Geraghty and Ms.Keane – Plan of work



Junior and Senior Infants – Additional Oral Language Activities for Infant Classes

Pencil Grip

Letter family   c,o,a,d,g- write each letter with correct formation

Letter family   i,r,n,h,m-write each letter with correct formation

Go over the sounds of these letters using sounds copy in homework folder

Say words that begin with each letter

Then make 3 letter words using the bag of letters in homework folder

Read book in folder and discuss the pictures

Parent can read other books to child and discuss them

Draw pictures and try to label items and write the names of the people in pictures (with parent help)




Junior Infants – Oral Counting – Maths Tips for Parents

Go over numerals 1,2,3 and 4

Make sets of objects for each number

Draw a square,circle,triangle,rectangle

Draw pictures using these shapes

Make patterns 

Look for shapes around your home

Count items around your home



Draw cóta,geansaí,bríste,léine,bróga



Sing nursery rhymes

Hey Diddle Diddle

Little Bo Peep

Twinkle Twinkle

Mary had a little lamb

Humpty Dumpty


Sings songs:

I want someone to buy me a pony

I have a small teddy

When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears

When Jesus was a boy



Make an Easter card

Draw a Spring picture

Draw your family

Draw teacher and all the children



Follow Joe Wicks The Body Coach on youtube for daily PE lesson


Bunny Hop Pencil Control Worksheets

Farm Themed Cutting Skills Activity Sheets

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet

General Sound Discrimination – Body Percussion EYFS Home Learning Challenge

General Sound Discrimination Environmental Sounds Home Challenge

I spy – Checklist

I Spy

Incy Wincy Spider Prop Craft Instructions

Minibeasts Colour By Number Activity Sheets

Musycle – instructions

Musycle Drums

Musycle Guitar

Musycle Shakers

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Paper Bowl Ladybird Craft Instructions

Pizza Shape Colouring Activity

Six Steps To Washing Your Hands Posters

Space Star Biscuits Recipe

The Gingerbread Man Pattern Tracing

Toys Home Learning Challenge Activity Sheet

Junior and Senior Infants additional school activities to continue learning at home



Learning activities for Senior Infant children


Here is a plan of what you can do with your child.  Vary the things you do day to day:


Junior and Senior Infants – Additional Oral Language Activities for Infant Classes

Oral language: Say the days of the week, the months of the year, the four seasons.  Name the day, month and season and discuss things that happen during this time of year, eg baby animals are born, spring flowers grow, etc.

Phonics: Revise all letter names and the sounds they make.  Sound out short cvc (consonant vowel consonant) words and write them down.  Pick a cvc word, eg cat, and write down all the words that rhyme with it. 

Reading:  Revise Jolly phonics tricky words 1-60 (there is a link on school website)

Writing: Write Our News.  The children usually write 3 or 4 sentences.  Draw a picture underneath. Write all the small words you know.

Poetry: Pick a poem/rhyme from the school website and learn it off by heart.  Name the words that sound the same

Stories: Go on for lots of stories



Senior Infants – Oral Counting – Maths Tips for Parents

Count 1-50.  Pick a number from 1-20 and ask the child what number comes before and after it.  Pick two numbers and ask the child what number comes in between. Practice number formation 1-8.  Revise simple addition up to 10 eg 2+5=7. Go on a shape hunt in your house and revise the names of the 2D and 3D shapes we have covered.  Draw 5 squares, triangles, rectangles and circles. Cut them out and make a pattern with them. Revise the story of 6, 7 and 8. You can get access to the folens website which has their maths book online.(Go to and click register.  Select teacher. Fill in a username, email and password. For Roll number use the code Prim20). On the school website there is a link with extra maths worksheets for senior infants. Pick one of those to do daily.



Name the colours in Irish.  Count from 1-10 in Irish. Revise Ar Maidin and Cúigear Fear.



Magnetism: Get a fridge magnet and gather together different materials.  Guess which things will stick to the magnet. Then try it out and see if you were right.

Go for a walk in your garden and look out for all the signs of spring.  Draw a picture afterwards of the different things you saw.

Name all the members in your family.  Draw a picture of them. Talk about how each member is important and has a role to play in your family

Talk about the life cycle of the frog.  Look up youtube Life Cycle of a frog – the Dr Binocs Show

Talk about the life cycle of the butterfly.  Look up youtube Life Cycle of a butterfly



Talk about the colours that make up a rainbow.  Paint/colour a rainbow

Make baby chicks by colouring/painting two paper plates yellow.  Stick on orange beak and feet. Draw/stick on eyes.

Make an Easter card

Make a frog by painting/colouring a paper plate green, 2 big circles for eyes and 2 webbed feet painted/coloured green

Draw your own butterfly, colour it in and cut it out.



Follow Joe Wicks The Body Coach on youtube for daily PE lesson


Junior and Senior Infants additional school activities to continue learning at home


Additional Resources for Infant Classes




Eadai – school-clothes-fill-in-the-blanks-gaeilge-worksheet-gaeilge

Game JD1 Recognising and interpreting data

Game JM5 Money

Game JN1 Counting

Game JN2 Comparing and ordering

Game JS2 3-D Shapes

Game JS3 2-D Shapes

Handwriting Activity Sheets


poems and rhymes for junior to 1st class

Senior Infants Extra Maths

Tricky Word ChecklistNEW



Learning activities for First and Second Class Children


Please do each of these activities daily:


On alternate days:
a) Write My News and draw a picture (see Helpful Words chart on the website) OR
b) Write About A Picture (see picture prompts on the website)



a) Read the Dolch Words / Tricky Words (see links on the website) OR
b) Visit Read a book and answer questions to earn points. 

How to login

Go to
Click on kids login
Enter your teacher’s username: missfoody123 or missgilroy123
Click on your name.
Enter your password which was sent to parents in a text.
Make sure you use capital letters when entering your password.



Phonics and Spellings:

a) Play an online phonics game ( – English)    OR
b) Revise two letter sounds (sh, ch, ck, ng, oo, oa, ai, ay, ee, ea, oi, ou, ow, aw) and Magic E words (e.g. _a_e)
Choose a sound and write as many words as you can.



a) Play an online maths game (    OR
b) Practice addition and subtraction sums without renaming within 100.

Oral/Mental maths: (20 minutes per day – choose between the following activities)

  1. Counting: Count to 100 – forwards, backwards, from different starts, number before / after, choose a number and count on / back 5, etc.
  2. Skip Counting: Counting in 10s, 2s, 5s, even numbers, odd numbers, etc.
  3. Shapes: Look for various shapes around the house.  Draw a picture using shapes.
  4. Tables: Revision of addition and subtraction tables.
  5. Addition: Adding two and three numbers together (totals within 20).    Adding doubles.
  6. Subtraction: Subtracting within 20
  7. Sequencing: Put 4 or 5 numbers in the correct order (e.g. 25, 84, 48, 52 )
  8. Patterns: Draw patterns.  Look for patterns around the house.
  9. Time: Revise o’clock and half past (e.g. show/draw the time on a clock)
              Look at a calendar and identify days/dates/how many Mondays, etc.


Please choose another activity daily:

  1. Handwriting: Write a sentence at the top of a copy page.  Children should copy the sentence 4 or 5 times paying attention to letter size, spacing, capital letters, full stops, etc.
  2. Irish: Revise colours / numbers 1-20 / activities (ag rith, ag snámh, ag gáire…)
  3. Art: Choose a drawing activity from Art for Kids Hub (
  4. PE: Follow a PE lesson from PE with Joe (see link on website)
  5. SESE: Visit – Watch webcams from the zoo and read about the various animals.
  6. Oral Language: Choose a poem/rhyme from the website and learn it.
  7. Storytime: Listen to a story online   (e.g.,
  8. Fun activities: Memory games, matching games, puzzles, dot-to-dot activities, wordsearches, etc.

Maths tips for parents


Additional Activities for First and Second Classes

First and Second Class additional school activities to continue learning at home



Eadai – school-clothes-fill-in-the-blanks-gaeilge-worksheet-gaeilge



Game 1A1 Extending and using patterns

Game 1D1 Representing and interpreting data

Game 1M1 Length

Game 1M4 Time

Game 1M5 Money-euro

Game 1N6 Fractions

Game 1S2 2-D Shapes

Game 1S3 3-D Shapes

Handwriting Activity Sheets

Maths – st-patricks-day-addition-mosaic-activity-sheets

poems and rhymes for junior to 1st class


Tricky Word ChecklistNEW

My News – Helpful words chart

Write About the Pictures: At Home – School – The Park – The Swimming Pool – The Birthday Party



Learning activities for Third and Fourth Class Children


Third and Fourth Class 25th March to 3rd April 2020

Hi All,

We hope you are all enjoying this time and not missing school too much! We have put together some work for you to do each day. Well done to those of you who have logged onto Nessy, we are following your progress and would like to see everyone logging on. Log on to Nessy and khan Academy daily and spend a minimum of 20 minutes on each if possible and complete the writing. maths and reading activities outlined below. 

RTE have announced that they will be broadcasting daily ‘school’ from 11am to 12pm, Monday to Friday on RTÉ2, with a shorter “catch-up” segment later in the afternoon. You will also be able to find the show on the RTÉ Player and worksheets and other material will be accessible on

We hope to see you all very soon, stay safe. We will update this page again on the 3rd April. 

Ms. Lavelle, Mrs. Mahady, Mr. Lynott, Miss Brady & Ms. Garvin.



When you login your Secret Word is: MASSIVECLOCKS

Then your real name to get started. 

  • scoiliosa1
  • namesurname19



  • Diary – Spend a few minutes every day writing a diary entry. Date each entry. 

To get yourself writing, ask yourself questions: What did you learn today? 

What did you read? What games did you play? What was in the news today? 

What was on T.V.? How are you feeling? 



  • Tables Times 7 tables, (x 7) skip count in 7’s.


  • Help out at home with some baking and cooking with an adult by getting involved in measuring the ingredients and dividing out portions. 



Barn, yard, party, happy, sharp, ant, Antrim, dance, answer, banana, gas, gasp, grasp, clasp, aspect, paste, taste, waste, haste, hasty. 



  • Read two pages of your reader or Read at home each day.
  • Listen to David Walliams Audio Books, he is releasing a new short story every day from 11am. Read by David Walliams they are available to listen to through his website and will be available for free for 30 days. We encourage you to sit down, take a break and enjoy a few minutes of pure fun’.
  • Amazon are also allowing access to their audio book free of charge, just log onto 


Third – Sixth Websites


Learning activities for 5th and 6th Class Children


My Read at Home

Mental Maths and tables



Each child has been assigned a username and password. 

Please email your teacher for your log in details if you want to complete tasks which have been assigned to you.

Email addresses can be found at the end of this document.


Khan Academy:

Username: fullname19

Password: scoiliosa1





Enter your name with a capital letter and select the correct profile.


Audio Books

David Williams has released free audio books of some of his novels. Click on the link below to listen to some of his books.


A-Z Books

Username: scoiliosa2016

Password: ballina



Please contact your teacher by email if you would like to receive your group spelling lists



The author of ‘The Adventures of Jack & Adam’ book series is running a poetry competition.

To be in with a chance of winning a t-shirt and school bag all you have to do is write a poem and email it to

For more details search for ‘Jack & Adam’ on social media.





P.E. with Joe: Joe Wicks “The Body Coach” is doing daily P.E. workouts for children on his youtube channel. Live Monday to Friday @ 9am. Can be viewed anytime



Third – Sixth Websites




Twinkl offer for great resources on all topics:




Topics to research

  • Volcanoes
  • Northern Ireland (The Troubles)
  • 1916 Rising
  • Gas, Liquids & Solids


If you do not have your own google account (gmail) at home, you can sign into the account you use at school.


When you sign into your chromebook account, you can create and share projects with your teacher on google slides.


Sign into your google account on any laptop/phone/tablet at home and find your folder.


Sign into the chromebook account you usually work on for projects at school, by going to google and clicking on the blue sign in icon in the top right corner. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 18.56.16

Sign in using the details below.


email address:

password: student1


email address:

password: student 2


email address:

password: student 3


email address:

password: student4


email address:

password: student5


email address:

password: student6


Create a project using google slides. (click on the 9 dots in the top right corner and select slides)
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 19.18.43

Please save your project in your folder.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 19.24.53

SHARE your projects with your teacher using the email addresses below and they will be corrected.


Looking forward to hearing from you all and a huge well done to those who have already shared projects with their teacher!!

Feb 11

Safer Internet Day 2020

Dec 16

Christmas Prayer Service

Dec 16

Sock Snowmen ⛄️

Dec 01

‘Shooting for the Stars’ author, Norah Patten

On the day that her book got a special mention on the Toy Show, Dr. Norah Patten gave us a talk about her lifelong passion to become an astronaut. She may well become Ireland’s first person in space, but she is a very down to earth character. Her talk was full of interesting information and she told us some of the more gory details too!

Nov 16

Atlantaquaria Galway for Science Week

5th and 6th classes visited the aquarium in Galway for a fun and informative day out.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Oct 25

Friday Sports

Oct 24

Boys Mini 7s 2019

Oct 24

Mini- 7s Girls Football 23/10/19

Oct 24

Halloween Safety Talk and Orienteering Belleek Woods 21/10/19

Oct 24

Jackie Clarke- Cinema Days 6th Class

Oct 17

Carving Pumpkins 🎃

Oct 07

Art Attack!

Check out the fantastic Art work completed by 5th & 6th class!img_6611.jpgimg_6592.jpgimg_6593.jpgimg_6594.jpg

Oct 02

Charlie Chaplin is still a big hit!

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Oct 02

History of Cinema in Ballina

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Jun 20

School Tour

Jun 20

School Tour

Jun 20

School Tour

May 25

Making a Statement: Climate Change and Climate Justice

Children from Scoil Iosa got a great response at the Civic Offices as they voiced their concerns about Climate Change and Climate Justice

May 25

Scoil Íosa Activists!

May 24


A very enjoyable trip to The Core – thanks Philip!

May 23

Getting ready for Climate Action Demonstration, Friday 24th

Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s School-strike, children in fifth and sixth classes are preparing to March to Ballina Civic Offices on Friday 24th MaySent from Samsung tablet.

May 16

Save the Planet

Children from 6th class visited the offices of Deputy Dara Calleary this week and delivered a letter stating that they wished to go on strike to raise awareness on climate change.

May 15

Summer is Here

May 15

Ag foghlaim stair

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